Granola Bar Goodness

I am actually a little surprised at myself for not putting up a post using my OCD ingredient of strawberries. Firstly, because despite not posting about it or taking pictures and spamming my instagram feed, I actually did already use strawberries a few times already. The first was in a boozy strawberry jalepeno margarita, followed by this gorgeous Valrhona Bundt cake with the centre piled high with fresh fresh strawberries. After that, there was the baby spinach and roquette salad with fresh strawberries, blushing tomatoes, crumbled goats cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Instead of any of those – we have these super amazing energy filled tasty granola bars.

Now truth be told, I’ve made granola bars before, and absolutely loved them. It is strangely comforting having control over what actually goes into your health bars, instead of the processed and sugar loaded store-bought varieties available out there. The other option is to purchase granola clusters or bars from home bakers at the various pop-ups, farmers markets and food events around town, but I definitely feel that those versions are unregulated and there is actually no real way to verify the ‘healthy’ sticker they come with.

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Carrot Cake

I don’t buy it a tab bit when people say they don’t like carrot cake. Its not possible. They probably haven’t tried carrot cake, and are just put off by the idea, like some people are put off by zucchini bread. I find that if i just serve it without bringing the name of the […] Read more…

Avocado Yogurt Dip

Everyone calls this the ‘get fat’ season, it starts with diwali celebrations, which seamlessly transforms into major wedding season. (Yes, it’s a ‘season’ by itself. Whether we are guaranteed a ‘winter’ every year is suspect, but wedding season is guaranteed. Always.) Before heading out to the celebrations, here is a good, healthy quick and easy, not to mention satisfying, bite to munch on! And yes, it is also avocado season! Serve with pita chips, or for an even healthier option, fingers of carrots, cucumbers and whatever else your heart desires.

Serves 4-6 people as an appetizer (Adapted from Two Peas and Their Pod)
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Ottolenghi’s Hummus

  A smooth, warm hummus, topped with a hearty paste of dried broad beans, is a popular Middle Eastern breakfast or lunch dish. Often served with warm pita and raw onion, this dish is deliciously low-cal and insanely satisfying. Adapted from Ottolenghi’s amazing Plenty, there isn’t a better recipe to observe. And if you’re in […] Read more…

I wanna Jam with you

 I can see the grey clouds rolling in. Monsoon in the city is my favourite. I think this city was made for it. Here is a wonderful recipe, come rain or shine, quick, light and delicious at tea time, instead of that steaming hot pakoda! Adapted from Donna Hay’s Jam Tarts, my version uses puff […] Read more…

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