Spinach & Homemade Ricotta Ravioli with a Morel Mushroom Sauce

I’m a tad confused on the title of this post (yeah, real first world problems). I kind of want it to look and sound like a restuarant menu dish with the hero ingredients followed by the sauce and frills in italics below. You know, something like:

Fresh Ravioli with Spinach & Homemade Ricotta

Morel Mushroom Sauce with Chestnut and Walnut, Almost-Burnt Butter Crispy Sage

Now doesn’t that sound fancy? Well, firstly, this post has been long in the making, and its ingredients have been accumulated even longer – waiting impatiently to be purposed into a meal. For some odd reason, over the last few months I’ve received bottles and tubes of chestnut puree/cream. And to be blatantly honest, I had absolutely no idea how to use it – and then began the incessant googling. The French may have some suave and sophisticated ways to use it, but little old me sure doesn’t! Then comes morels, or guchhi, which SS insisted his parents bring back from Kashmir (not that he as *any* intention of cooking with them ahem ahem). I also bought the pasta attachment to my kitchen aid, which was an extremely considered and thought through decision, but till date I have only been able to successfully use the roller (my last attempt to cut the rolled sheets into fettuccine was a big glubby disaster.

Since that fateful day, I have found a pasta recipe (from Taj’s Favourite Vegetarian recipes book – the ravioli which coincidentally, we have had the privilege of eating –  Read more…

Peach & Ricotta Crostinis with Lavender Honey and Onion Microgreens

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a big sucker for crostinis of any kind. Evidence includes my lip-smacking grilled pear, honey and brie crostinis with rosemary, strawberry crostinis and roasted mushroom and herb crostinis with parmesan.  And honest to God –  they are dead simple! Typically an essential to the crostini is the bread itself. Once you have that, all the fun begins with permutations and combinations of pantry goods, fresh produce and favourite staples. 

The history behind the crostini (meaning “little toast” in Italian) and our need of the day are one and the same – bite size simple do ahead appetisers to be served at a get together or during Happy Hour. 

 Read more…

Baked Conchigliette stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta

The monsoons have finally announced themselves con brio. I always believe that this is the season when Mumbai is the most beautiful, dark and blooding, yet relentlessly continuing with its insatiable gusto and contagious energy. I painstakingly planned this meal nearly a week in advance, ordering the pasta shells, pelati, ricotta and mozzarella online via […] Read more…

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