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Potato Dauphinoise

Never underestimate the power of the potato. Not only because it gives us pretty little things like vodka and fries, which are ah-mazing. But also because their humility allows you to really work magic with them. Add eggs and they make an awesome frittata. Bake them and season, resulting and glorious potato wedges. Grate them onto a skillet for a quick and crispy potato roesti. You get the gist.

What I chose to do with (or rather, to) my potatoes was a little more luxurious. My mum was having her gaggle of friends over for a lunch soiree, and in addition to a bunch of salads and desserts, the main course was heralded by this version of potatoes – the Dauphinoise.

Lets rewind. The first time that I tried this spectacularly simple dish was at a restaurant in the city for a buffet lunch. I remember some friends of my parents going ga-ga over the preparation, which prompted them to call the chef out to the table to learn more about this new
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One Pot Pasta

  Its been strangely and not to mention, unnecessarily long. But no to fret, I have tirelessly be slaving in the kitchen and have a handsome range of treats coming your way, that may result in serious cravings, drool, and outright hunger pangs. Hints: Watermelon Sangria, Super-Fast Banoffee, Intense Chocochino Cake, Grilled Artichoke, etc….   But […] Read more…

Chef’s Basket – Burrito Box!

Finally got around to testing this baby out, which has been patiently been sitting atop my kitchen cabinet for a little over a month. Chef’s Basket is an interesting start up, targeting the more refined palate, without the hassle and painful process of scouring the city (in the monsoon, no less) to get your hands […] Read more…

Baked Conchigliette stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta

The monsoons have finally announced themselves con brio. I always believe that this is the season when Mumbai is the most beautiful, dark and blooding, yet relentlessly continuing with its insatiable gusto and contagious energy. I painstakingly planned this meal nearly a week in advance, ordering the pasta shells, pelati, ricotta and mozzarella online via […] Read more…

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