Lemon Brown Butter Tart + My Latest Crush

As is typically the case when a brilliant new book hits the market (especially by some of my favoured sources of inspiration) I waste little time getting my hands on it. By some gross error, I landed up ordering this gem a tad behind schedule, but oh, it is so worth having in my arsenal! I’ll admit, a lot of the main meals are primarily not vegetarian, but the other chapters {Meatless Mains, Vegetables} quickly make up for that. What I love about this book is that it is an amalgamation of people’s favourites, by phenomenal chefs/bloggers/geniuses, and genuinely meant to be catered towards honest home cooking – none of that layered and complicated deconstructed stuff! Hence, I used two recipes from the book as inspiration for my Lemon Brown Butter Tart. The first is Paule Caillat’s Brown Butter Tart (which BTW is ridonkulously easy) and the second is Elizabeth Falkner’s Eggless Lemon Curd.

Right so in case you thought that this is my latest crush, it isn’t. I mean, I love recipe books and all, but this crush is totally legit. And Yellow too! It’s none other than the  Read more…

Cucumber Lemonade

The appetisers are ready, decked out in your finest and most attractive china, wooden cheese boards and slate platters. The mains are lovingly resting in the kitchen – all prepped and perfectly planned, with different elements lined up together, just waiting for that final toss of the salad, the sauté of the pasta and the bubbling of the bake dish. Just before the doorbell rings and the first lot of guests arrive, I realise that yet again, I have ignored the cocktails/mocktails section of the menu and theres absolutely nothing to whet my guests’ appetite with, until they decide they are ready to hit the bar.

After this debacle has ensued more than a few times, I have started making a conscious effort to provide a light and refreshing beverage to be served on arrival, and which can also be spiked into a yummy little cocktail – killing two birds with one stone. This cucumber lemonade is just the trick that I have up my sleeve this time around. It can be made unto a day or two earlier as well, and spiked with some gin or vodka, for a kick.

 Read more…

Lemon Bars

This entire facelift of Joie De Vivre, and its attached trials and tribulations, have been significantly overwhelming. It seems like a whole new ballgame, a whole new language, a whole different – rather parallel – universe. It has been a humbling experience, with pressure mounting with very click. To a naked eye, the hours of work that shows in terms of absolute visual progress is incredibly underrated and impossible to comprehend. But yet, I am happy that the hours that have gone into it are now beginning to show their teeth.

On returning from The Great Grover Stomp, the realisation hit me that I had been separated from my kitchen all weekend, and I had all of Sunday evening to fix that little glitch. So after a little bit of light reading, picking this recipe was an obvious choice – it called out to me as a refreshing and citrusy pick-me-up, ideal to indulge in after a day of travelling and a weekend of stomping! Read more…

Carrot Cake

I don’t buy it a tab bit when people say they don’t like carrot cake. Its not possible. They probably haven’t tried carrot cake, and are just put off by the idea, like some people are put off by zucchini bread. I find that if i just serve it without bringing the name of the […] Read more…

Lemon Coconut Bundt Cake

There are some culinary experiences that are forever etched in your psyche. They are unique, because quite frankly, they just cannot be recreated, and are incomparable with any other exploit. One such meal that I am proud to have experienced was at Dinner by Heston. Triggered by that, and his TV show How to Cook […] Read more…

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