Granola Bar Goodness

I am actually a little surprised at myself for not putting up a post using my OCD ingredient of strawberries. Firstly, because despite not posting about it or taking pictures and spamming my instagram feed, I actually did already use strawberries a few times already. The first was in a boozy strawberry jalepeno margarita, followed by this gorgeous Valrhona Bundt cake with the centre piled high with fresh fresh strawberries. After that, there was the baby spinach and roquette salad with fresh strawberries, blushing tomatoes, crumbled goats cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Instead of any of those – we have these super amazing energy filled tasty granola bars.

Now truth be told, I’ve made granola bars before, and absolutely loved them. It is strangely comforting having control over what actually goes into your health bars, instead of the processed and sugar loaded store-bought varieties available out there. The other option is to purchase granola clusters or bars from home bakers at the various pop-ups, farmers markets and food events around town, but I definitely feel that those versions are unregulated and there is actually no real way to verify the ‘healthy’ sticker they come with.

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Thumbprint Cookies

Monochrome has recently ignited my interest. I can’t put my finger on why it has, but it has. And such a phenomenon is surprising for me, as I love colour, colour pop, colour burst, and well, colour. Not to insinuate that black or white are not colours, of course they are, but my palate is […] Read more…

Granola Bars

I really enjoy being able to cook/bake something for an occasion, or upon requests of my nearest and dearest, simply because I already know that they want it and will appreciate it! Recently, one of the near and dear ones asked if I could make some granola bars for her to make a healthy munching […] Read more…

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