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Mexican Quick Fix: Mango Salsa & Guacamole

After reading this article, the opening words struct me:

“It won’t be surprising if cultural historians look back on the first two decades of this century as The Era of Crazed Oral Gratification. I’m speaking of the fetishization of food, of cooking and eating, of watching other people cooking and eating, that has become omnipresent across all platforms, all media, all screens and all palates in our great nation.”

It really is so true! And in light of the quest for ‘Oral Gratification’, the journey comes to a standstill with my favourite 2 bowls of goodness. Think about it – there are few things in this world as satisfying as a bowl of salsa, guacamole and a bag full of crispy corn nachos. The ultimate treat! Now while I am not the largest fan of the ‘fusion’ movement (although it has actually been with us for centuries), this combination of mango and Mexican flavours does some serious magic – and that just cannot be ignored. For the last year or two, pretty much ever since I made the first batch of it, mango salsa has become a staple party snack, and a regular on our dinner table whenever we have a Mexican meal.
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