salted chocolate chunk cookies

Once in a while, life throws you something quite unbelievably amazing. It happens on a random unassuming Tuesday, lingers till Friday, when you just relent. Because, how can I not?!

In other words, this is the untold story of my tryst with my new go-to cookie. And it’s not just any cookie; make way for salted chocolate chunk cookies. And no, it’s not just any chocolate “chip” cookie with a dusting of sea salt; it has blogging blue-blood history, and lineage. And the best part – the first time I tried my go-to no-egg adaptation (1 tbs cornflour + 1 tbs water), it worked so god dam beautifully, not one blessed cookie came apart or crumbled undesirably.
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Mushroom Hors d’oeuvres

A few weeks ago, I wanted to make an hors d’oeuvre which could be served both warm and room termperature, and had the ability to invoke the desire in anyone to lean over for one more! I find that mushrooms and parsley are one of those heavenly matches – like strawberry and balsamic, orange and dark chocolate. Puff pastry is an obvious and amazing choice. How can you go wrong with something that has 1000 layers, and rises butterfully (see what I did there – beautifully with butter).

On a free afternoon, I pre-thawed the puff pastry for a few hours in the fridge and then rolled it out, cut 2″ rounds using a cookie cutter, and pressed down the corners with the back of a fork – providing those pretty little ridges in the pastry. The indentations also allow the corners to rise more and get nice and golden, whereas the centre remains a little dented, paving way for filling of choice. After they were indented, I popped them back into a freezer layered with parchment paper between each circle, to prevent any scope of sticking. This method saved me a huge amount of time and effort on D-day, and is also a great way to utilise any excess pastry.

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Double Chocolate Banana Bread with Fleur de Sel

I often find myself hoarding (and loving to hoard) certain specific baking ingredients, without which a deep sense of insecurity prevails. To counter that unnecessary emotion, and to feed my retail-therapy hormone, I obsessively purchase vats of different qualities and variations of chocolate chips, cocoa powder and vanilla. In each of these hoarded products, there is a specific appeal that calls out to me.

Let me elucidate.

For chocolate chips, I enjoy trying varied versions of white, milk and dark chocolate chips, the variety ranges from small packets of supermarket quality chocolate chips to couverture. I find that with every brand, comes a different flavour and texture – some are too dry and don’t melt kindly into a ganache or truffle that may be the requirement of the day. Some on the other hand, are too rich to go into a frosting – and need instead to be added to a banana bread or chocolate chip muffin, allowing their flavour and texture to truly shine through. And yes, size does matter. Too big a chip (like melting discs) will overpower a cupcake or muffin, and too small, won’t be felt on the tongue at all.
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Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée with Strawberry

Does a person really need any legitimate reason to wield a blow torch?  That tap-tap-tap when you test a creme brûlée’s competency is heavenly. Even more so when you figure out a way to make it super quick, without any fuss.  Now it is possible (in theory) to get that crispy caramelised top without a […] Read more…

Hazelnut Linzer Hearts

SS loves nutty chocolates (think diary milk with hazelnuts, or fererro rocher). It is rumoured that so deep is this love, there have been instances when a whole box has been depleted, in such a short time as to guarantee some kind of sugar induced rush.   I love this blog, so when hazelnut chocolate […] Read more…

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