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Cherry Tomato, Purple Asparagus + Mushroom with Gluten Free Pasta

Sometimes genius strikes when you least expect it. Today, was one of those below-expectations situations. My parents just got back from Dubai and brought back with them tons of goodies, including (but by no means limited to) marzipan so beautiful that you don’t want to eat it, fresh sumac, za’atar, pine seeds, melt in your mouth baklava, assorted stuffed dates, chocolate (SS’s favourite Lindt Orange Swiss Thins), oh, and the purple asparagus! They also brought back unbelievably smooth and silky hummus, and some muhammara, which made a beautiful wholesome dinner along with some fresh salad and (baked) felafel. Since I’m on my gluten free syndrome (barring beer, uh duh!), I ate mine over millet (bajra) flatbread while the rest enjoyed it on pita.

Since I had a bundle of voluptuously plump asparagus, I just had to use it, before we embarked on this weekend’s staycation. So there came the conception of this humble yet phenomenally flavour packed pasta. I, of course, used gluten free pasta  Read more…

Brown Butter Cinnamon Bun Pie

Yeah, each of those words are poetry.

I mean there’s butter, and then there’s BROWN butter. Two very very amazing but very different beauties. Cinnamon Buns are always a winner. {yeah, i don’t get people who don’t like cinnamon. I’m not judging or anything. I just don’t get it, wierdos.} And there’s the best 3 letter word -P-I-E. How in god’s name could anyone not drool or salivate or just clog an artery after hearing Brown Butter Cinnamon Bun Pie.

I could say it again and again.

And again.

Brown Butter Cinnamon Bun Pie.

So let me just start by saying, this one is easier eaten than made. I mean, I didn’t really have an option, because either I fly to NYC to have a slice, or make some at home. Budget demanded I make it at home. I personally would have preferred the former. Just saying, in case my logic seemed fuzzy. {I’m pretty sure the immigration officer would think I’m on crack (pie) if I shared my rationale for a quick weekend trip to the big apple}

But seriously. I would make this again and again, not because it was easy (it’s really NOT), but purely because the house smelled un-naturally unbelievable. Like WOW. And to be fair, each bite-ful did taste pretty dam awesome. Read more…

Espresso Fudge Cream Cheese Brownies

When coffee dreams, it dreams of chocolate.

When I was told the Bourneville had come out with a darker, matured version of their chocolate, with 50% cocoa, there was little resistance from my end to use it for some naughty dark treats! The new (and improved) Bourneville is intense in flavour and heartfelt – every bite hits a new note; sweet and soft – it gently unravels in your mouth.

Think about it – dark dark chocolate, baked into a gooey fudgy brownie base using dark intense cocoa powder, layered with a wobbly vanilla scented cream cheese layer, baked to perfection with a rather large handful of dark chocolate chips. Chocolate heaven! And honestly, it wasn’t even that complicated or tedious.

Layer One: Fudgy Brownie

Layer Two: Cream Cheese goodness

Layer Three: Chocolate Chips

So basically, Layer Two involves mixing together a few things with the help of an electric mixer – super easy! While Layer Three involves measuring out 2/3 cups of chocolate chips. So all you’re REALLY making from scratch is Layer One. But the end product makes it look as though you’ve slaved all day behind the stove, cautiously watching the oven, and delicately creating real life beauty. On a cost-benefit type analysis, the benefit definitely outweighs the cost!

 Read more…

Carrot Cake

I don’t buy it a tab bit when people say they don’t like carrot cake. Its not possible. They probably haven’t tried carrot cake, and are just put off by the idea, like some people are put off by zucchini bread. I find that if i just serve it without bringing the name of the […] Read more…

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