Sweet Corn with Miso Butter

Inspiration for the combination of miso + sweetcorn came while watching Masterchef AU, the episode where Sara makes a roasted quail dish, on a bed of miso sweetcorn puree with a blackberry vinaigrette. As usual, I look at the side elements on a protein dish that I can re-create at home, maybe not in the same exact form, rather as a flavour pairing that I can then create my own recipe with. Now let’s be honest, we’ve all eaten butter slathered corn on the cob, and even steamed corn with a dollop of butter and spices, and it is safe to deem the bowlful of goodness as a warming and comforting snack. Adding miso and some other relishes, well that just makes it burst with flavour in an understated and perfectly rounded way!

For some reason, a lot of people like to boil their corn before using it, or steaming it. I personally find this not only wasteful and cumbersome, but I find that repetitive cooking  Read more…


It’s been a while. But in this while, a LOT has been accomplished, and a LOT has been witnessed. Most significant and fantastic was the fortnight in Croatia, starting with the quaint and historic Dubrovnik, up to Split, party-packed Hvar and peaceful and artsy Zadar. Although I must admit, the food wasn’t brilliant, and local cuisine was fresh and beautiful, but preparations being highly bland. All in all, with a few gems of eatiers and plentitude of fresh truffle managed to compensate, and thisnational park made the whole trip worth it. (Note to reader: add to bucket list. NOW.)

This salad has become a new favourite. Every weekend for the last 2-3 months, SS has sweetly sidled up to me and asked me to make this for him. Although not technically a salad, the amount of leaves in it may force you to label it one- it’s more of an awesome appetizer, with savoury corn chips, luxuriously rich avocado, tender beans and spicy taco seasoning. This one takes the cake- and it’s here to stay. Did I mention how simple it is? Serves 4 generously.
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