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Im back, with a baby! (and the Perfect Summer Salad)

Hi there,

Its been a while.

Almost shy of a year, but who’s counting?

(I am, its been 10 months).

My last post was in June, while braving the summer heat and the insane humidity that is a forbearer of my beloved monsoon, when I was slaving away making pasta from scratch, figuring out innovative ways to use morel that was freshly brought in from Kashmir (which now, 10 months later, is still lying patiently in a glass jar in the pantry). But all this aside, we’ve been blessed with the most adoring little baby girl, and I’m over the moon. She’s almost 2 months now, which is why I now feel slightly able to hit the kitchen again (I couldn’t stand the strong smells in the kitchen for all my trimesters, and all I wanted to cook was comfort food like manchurian and iced tea which I wasn’t risking to eat out due to the fear of MSG overload).

My pregnancy was a ride, but a really welcome one! Now that baby is out, mama’s feelings towards the smells have alleviated, letting me slowly but surely return to my beloved kitchen. I wondered whether my first post-natal blog post would include any of my pregnancy experiences, like aversions / obsessions / recipes and  Read more…


It’s been a while. But in this while, a LOT has been accomplished, and a LOT has been witnessed. Most significant and fantastic was the fortnight in Croatia, starting with the quaint and historic Dubrovnik, up to Split, party-packed Hvar and peaceful and artsy Zadar. Although I must admit, the food wasn’t brilliant, and local cuisine was fresh and beautiful, but preparations being highly bland. All in all, with a few gems of eatiers and plentitude of fresh truffle managed to compensate, and thisnational park made the whole trip worth it. (Note to reader: add to bucket list. NOW.)

This salad has become a new favourite. Every weekend for the last 2-3 months, SS has sweetly sidled up to me and asked me to make this for him. Although not technically a salad, the amount of leaves in it may force you to label it one- it’s more of an awesome appetizer, with savoury corn chips, luxuriously rich avocado, tender beans and spicy taco seasoning. This one takes the cake- and it’s here to stay. Did I mention how simple it is? Serves 4 generously.
 Read more…

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