Granola Bar Goodness

I am actually a little surprised at myself for not putting up a post using my OCD ingredient of strawberries. Firstly, because despite not posting about it or taking pictures and spamming my instagram feed, I actually did already use strawberries a few times already. The first was in a boozy strawberry jalepeno margarita, followed by this gorgeous Valrhona Bundt cake with the centre piled high with fresh fresh strawberries. After that, there was the baby spinach and roquette salad with fresh strawberries, blushing tomatoes, crumbled goats cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Instead of any of those – we have these super amazing energy filled tasty granola bars.

Now truth be told, I’ve made granola bars before, and absolutely loved them. It is strangely comforting having control over what actually goes into your health bars, instead of the processed and sugar loaded store-bought varieties available out there. The other option is to purchase granola clusters or bars from home bakers at the various pop-ups, farmers markets and food events around town, but I definitely feel that those versions are unregulated and there is actually no real way to verify the ‘healthy’ sticker they come with.

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Potato Dauphinoise

Never underestimate the power of the potato. Not only because it gives us pretty little things like vodka and fries, which are ah-mazing. But also because their humility allows you to really work magic with them. Add eggs and they make an awesome frittata. Bake them and season, resulting and glorious potato wedges. Grate them onto a skillet for a quick and crispy potato roesti. You get the gist.

What I chose to do with (or rather, to) my potatoes was a little more luxurious. My mum was having her gaggle of friends over for a lunch soiree, and in addition to a bunch of salads and desserts, the main course was heralded by this version of potatoes – the Dauphinoise.

Lets rewind. The first time that I tried this spectacularly simple dish was at a restaurant in the city for a buffet lunch. I remember some friends of my parents going ga-ga over the preparation, which prompted them to call the chef out to the table to learn more about this new
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Lemon Bars

This entire facelift of Joie De Vivre, and its attached trials and tribulations, have been significantly overwhelming. It seems like a whole new ballgame, a whole new language, a whole different – rather parallel – universe. It has been a humbling experience, with pressure mounting with very click. To a naked eye, the hours of work that shows in terms of absolute visual progress is incredibly underrated and impossible to comprehend. But yet, I am happy that the hours that have gone into it are now beginning to show their teeth.

On returning from The Great Grover Stomp, the realisation hit me that I had been separated from my kitchen all weekend, and I had all of Sunday evening to fix that little glitch. So after a little bit of light reading, picking this recipe was an obvious choice – it called out to me as a refreshing and citrusy pick-me-up, ideal to indulge in after a day of travelling and a weekend of stomping! Read more…

Diwali Chocolate and Caramel Flapjacks

Its that time of the year again. A real Indian incarnation of what joie de vivre, in its purest essence,  really stands for. Hallways, doorways, windows and gateways, all decked out with fairy lights, fresh and dried flower torans, little diyas and tea lights. While everything around us is embellished and beatified, its only logical […] Read more…

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