salted chocolate chunk cookies

Once in a while, life throws you something quite unbelievably amazing. It happens on a random unassuming Tuesday, lingers till Friday, when you just relent. Because, how can I not?!

In other words, this is the untold story of my tryst with my new go-to cookie. And it’s not just any cookie; make way for salted chocolate chunk cookies. And no, it’s not just any chocolate “chip” cookie with a dusting of sea salt; it has blogging blue-blood history, and lineage. And the best part – the first time I tried my go-to no-egg adaptation (1 tbs cornflour + 1 tbs water), it worked so god dam beautifully, not one blessed cookie came apart or crumbled undesirably.
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Salted Caramel + Chocolate Ganache Tart

In an almond shortcrust pastry tart shell, I might add. You know, just in case the Salted + Chocolate Ganache Tart title wasn’t enticing enough 😛

So I saw a friend’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago, where she made 2 beautiful tarts: one was an oreo and chocolate ganache tart and the other, a salted caramel and chocolate tart. As destiny had it, I wanted to use up some of the beautiful Valrhona that I had been hoarding, as well as the salted caramel that I impulsively picked up at Laduree. [Yes, this story already has two fabulous elements of success: valrhona and laduree.] The result? A luscious chocolate ganache piled over a thin layer of salted caramel, enveloped in a almost crumbly almond shortcrust tart shell.

And ever since, I’ve already dished out over a dozen of these babies, and still going strong!  Read more…

Umami Chickpea Open-Face Sandwiches

That pleasant and almost delicious savoury taste that embodies umami is exactly what elevates this humble protein packed lunch into the fantastic Umami Chickpea Open-Face Sandwiches. And might I add, incredibly quick and easy to whip up! The fundamental steps are: go purchase a gorgeous loaf of bread, sourdough and seed speckled works wonderfully, no doubt. And second, either soak some chickpeas in water overnight, or have a can of organic chickpeas handy.

Most of the work is done by the food processor – all I had to do was add the ingredients and press the button! My kind of cooking 🙂 For a textural contrast to the creamy chickpea mixture, I garnished the sandwiches with a crunchy and spicy addition – some mortar and pestle pounded sriracha peanuts…

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Coconut Brown Butter Cookies

Do you notice a Brown Butter trend? I sure do!

Plus, I adore coconuts.

Maybe it’s because I have childhood memories of stopping at the neighbourhood naariyal paani wala for a chilled coconut water in the blistering summer heat, and then asking the naariyal paani wala to scoop out the tender inner flesh of the coconut, to eat as a glutinous snack [and he’s even make a spoon out of the husk, as we watched]. I also distinctly remember my first Thai curry, at the famous and favourite Thai Pavillion. Now given my love for spicy and coconut, Thai curry was a no-brainer instant love affair that just hasn’t ended, and I don’t see it ending, any time soon. But it continued. Coconut macaroons, coconut ice cream, khopra pak, and I finally noticed a strong personal preference developing.

So when I came across this recipe for coconut brown butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen, it because almost impossible to ignore.

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Brown Butter Cinnamon Bun Pie

Yeah, each of those words are poetry.

I mean there’s butter, and then there’s BROWN butter. Two very very amazing but very different beauties. Cinnamon Buns are always a winner. {yeah, i don’t get people who don’t like cinnamon. I’m not judging or anything. I just don’t get it, wierdos.} And there’s the best 3 letter word -P-I-E. How in god’s name could anyone not drool or salivate or just clog an artery after hearing Brown Butter Cinnamon Bun Pie.

I could say it again and again.

And again.

Brown Butter Cinnamon Bun Pie.

So let me just start by saying, this one is easier eaten than made. I mean, I didn’t really have an option, because either I fly to NYC to have a slice, or make some at home. Budget demanded I make it at home. I personally would have preferred the former. Just saying, in case my logic seemed fuzzy. {I’m pretty sure the immigration officer would think I’m on crack (pie) if I shared my rationale for a quick weekend trip to the big apple}

But seriously. I would make this again and again, not because it was easy (it’s really NOT), but purely because the house smelled un-naturally unbelievable. Like WOW. And to be fair, each bite-ful did taste pretty dam awesome. Read more…

Spiked Chocolate Mousse

Spiked Chocolate Mousse. Pudding. Pots.


Let’s just stick to Spiked Chocolate Mousse.

I hoard chocolate. Well, to be honest, I hoard a lot of things, chocolate being just one of them. What better way to reduce my inventory of chocolate than to use it up in the most fantastic way ever – an almost mousse consistency chocolate pot, spiked with a dash of amarula and some good old instant coffee. The recipe is inspired entirely by Donna Hay’s fast, fresh, simple. I still find this book extremely practical, and the recipes are a perfect balance of pushing one’s mundane cooking skills ever so slightly, but resulting in a hearty and beautiful end product.

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