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Red Wine Poached Pear and Blue Cheese Crostini

Have you ever poached pear, or for that matter, any other fruit? Until recently, I never had. But after tasting the wondrous results of humble home poached fruit, I am obsessed. I admit that I am showing symptoms of another obsession – crostinis! But they’re just so dam good, its kinda hard not to.

Since we are talking about obsessions, strawberry season is back! Over the weekend I experimented with some jalepeno infused strawberry margaritas from How Sweet It Is’s new book, Seriously Delish. And can I just say, it was just ah-mazaing! It was made up of pureed strawberries, fresh jalepeno, cointreau and of course, some good old rum. You could totally swap the rum for the originally called for tequila, but I found this incredibly delicious (yet not too sweet) cocktail to be am amazing spin on a bloody-mary meets a daiquiri meets a caprioska.

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Mexican Quick Fix: Mango Salsa & Guacamole

After reading this article, the opening words struct me:

“It won’t be surprising if cultural historians look back on the first two decades of this century as The Era of Crazed Oral Gratification. I’m speaking of the fetishization of food, of cooking and eating, of watching other people cooking and eating, that has become omnipresent across all platforms, all media, all screens and all palates in our great nation.”

It really is so true! And in light of the quest for ‘Oral Gratification’, the journey comes to a standstill with my favourite 2 bowls of goodness. Think about it – there are few things in this world as satisfying as a bowl of salsa, guacamole and a bag full of crispy corn nachos. The ultimate treat! Now while I am not the largest fan of the ‘fusion’ movement (although it has actually been with us for centuries), this combination of mango and Mexican flavours does some serious magic – and that just cannot be ignored. For the last year or two, pretty much ever since I made the first batch of it, mango salsa has become a staple party snack, and a regular on our dinner table whenever we have a Mexican meal.
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Watermelon Granita

Granitas make the best welcome anyone can get. Mine was inspired by the desire of using leftover watermelon chunks. Summer and watermelon are fast friends, but when you convert the watermelon into its frozen granita form, its more like BEST friends.

The best part? ALL the hard work is done by the freezer!

Start by blending together leftover watermelon with sugar syrup in a food processor or blender. Add a touch of lime juice to bring some zing and acidity to the granita. Once you’re happy with the taste, pour into a flat-ish container that is freezer friendly.

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Sticky Orange Marmalade Tea Cake [Vegan]

I’ve never ever experienced (and succumbed to) summer lethargy this gravely before. Part of me is thoroughly enjoying every minute of it, and the other part is (obviously) getting rather itchy to get my hands on something solid, something concrete and meaningful. To balance the two extreme ends of my psyche, baking a summery treat seems to meet both the requirements – the recipe being slightly lazy in its approach + the end product being something tangible, solid and pleasing. Mission was set, and the accomplishment has been repeated thrice already.

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Double Chocolate Banana Bread with Fleur de Sel

I often find myself hoarding (and loving to hoard) certain specific baking ingredients, without which a deep sense of insecurity prevails. To counter that unnecessary emotion, and to feed my retail-therapy hormone, I obsessively purchase vats of different qualities and variations of chocolate chips, cocoa powder and vanilla. In each of these hoarded products, there is a specific appeal that calls out to me.

Let me elucidate.

For chocolate chips, I enjoy trying varied versions of white, milk and dark chocolate chips, the variety ranges from small packets of supermarket quality chocolate chips to couverture. I find that with every brand, comes a different flavour and texture – some are too dry and don’t melt kindly into a ganache or truffle that may be the requirement of the day. Some on the other hand, are too rich to go into a frosting – and need instead to be added to a banana bread or chocolate chip muffin, allowing their flavour and texture to truly shine through. And yes, size does matter. Too big a chip (like melting discs) will overpower a cupcake or muffin, and too small, won’t be felt on the tongue at all.
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