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Breakfast Banana Muffins with Coffee-Chocolate Chunks, Hazelnuts and Oats

The last weekend has been a busy busy but fantastic one. It started with a day dedicated to cooking and baking and making everything look pretty and yet relaxed. My idea of entertainment involves very little effort once the guests arrive, I prefer everything to be laid out and let the guests have a little fun DIY-ing and playing around with different stuff, that may to may not work well together. But that’s all the fun! There was: mango feta crostini with red wine fleur de sel, paprika spiked hummus, valrhona cointreau cupcakes, layered lemon cake with lemon cream cheese topped with fresh cranberries and gaufres shards, as well as some mini-mosaic apple tarts. It was quite a day night! And, of course, when at 2am this and this (the British version, of course!) makes a debut, you know the entertainment has taken the best possible turn!

With a Friday like that, even the best of us couldn’t rise and shine from the wee hours into a domestic diva. The thing is, I love the idea of grabbing a weekend (or any day, really) breakfast/brunch/late lunch comprising of breakfast favourites. I love the concept of brinner too (breakfast for dinner, get with the lingo!). The only part which tends to evade this achievement is the fact that it’s usually in the morning, and mornings and me haven’t become quite that friendly yet. That’s kind of how I stumbled upon the idea of making Breakfast Banana Muffins with Coffee-Chocolate Chunks, Hazelnuts and Oats the previous day, so I wouldn’t have to rise and shine early (eek!) to made a hot breakfast treat, I’d just drizzle it with some homemade warm salted caramel, and breakfast is served!  Read more…

Pear & Vanilla Preserve Cake

I adore fruit cake and tea cake. I adore cake that doesn’t get lost or doused in layers of cream and sugar. But sometimes I like that too.

Ok fine.

I love cake.

ALL cake.

And this Pear & Vanilla Preserve Cake is no exception.

The standout ingredient is (most obviously) the pear and vanilla preserve, which honestly I don’t know if I would ever again waste on toast. Like ever. again. The entire bottleful went into this cake, and worked so wonderfully well with the crunchy walnuts and the spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. Almost like carrot cake meets orange marmalade cake!

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Brown Butter Apple Crisp

I can never imagine having reached where I have in my culinary journey without having simple and effective recipes like this one, in my arsenal. My Brown Butter Apple Crisp has been labelled an apple crumble, has been made with peaches, with almond & strawberries, and with mixed fruit. It’s gone through a bevy of avatars, adding some cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, brown butter, almonds, hazelnut, walnut, raisins. You get the gist.

The reason I love this particular version is not only because it is simple (it is, really simple!) but also because I adore crumbles/crisps that use oats in the topping, and not only flour. The texture and wholesomeness of flavour that the oats adds, is rather lovely, and needless to say, it is a whole lot healthier than flour. For the gluten intolerants out there,  Read more…

Coconut Brown Butter Cookies

Do you notice a Brown Butter trend? I sure do!

Plus, I adore coconuts.

Maybe it’s because I have childhood memories of stopping at the neighbourhood naariyal paani wala for a chilled coconut water in the blistering summer heat, and then asking the naariyal paani wala to scoop out the tender inner flesh of the coconut, to eat as a glutinous snack [and he’s even make a spoon out of the husk, as we watched]. I also distinctly remember my first Thai curry, at the famous and favourite Thai Pavillion. Now given my love for spicy and coconut, Thai curry was a no-brainer instant love affair that just hasn’t ended, and I don’t see it ending, any time soon. But it continued. Coconut macaroons, coconut ice cream, khopra pak, and I finally noticed a strong personal preference developing.

So when I came across this recipe for coconut brown butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen, it because almost impossible to ignore.

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Valrhona Bundt Cake with Fresh Strawberries

It’s mid-December, and it’s HIGH time that I get down to those strawberry centred recipes! Quite honestly, I have been busy travelling and attending weddings or doing wedding planning, the former being more fun than the latter! Over the last weekend SS and I were in Bangalore to celebrate a college friend’s wedding, and it was so wonderful to see people again after 7-8 years! The weekend was fabulous, and we even got to sample some authentic Karnataka food, my favourite being their popular shallot-based curry and dry roasted whole chillies which have this amazing pungent spice, yet isn’t fiery.

It was also so humbling to meet people after ages, and the first topic of conversation being Joie De Vivre, and how it makes people salivate, and want to eat/cook some themselves! [Predominantly it was the eating!] Now that being the case, I feel like committing sacrilege by constantly professing my love of strawberries and not translating that into anything on the blog. I’ve actually made this cake a couple of times already, and they’ve managed to gain  Read more…

An Apple {Crumble} A Day

Boy, have I got the perfect mid-week pick me up for you! Its called, the Apple Crumble, and is bountiful in its use of apples. It’s so addictive, you’ll want to have an apple {crumble} a day!

My masi (mum’s sister, the youngest to be specific) always has one question to ask me whenever we chat about our routines and basic lifestyle – whether or not I consume a mandatory apple everyday. My answer every times revolves around the fact that I am not loyal to one single fruit (well, TBH I would be to berries, if they were perennial) and like to eat what’s in season. Her maternal response always goes back to the mighty power of the apple, and how despite sampling seasonal fare, I must must must eat an apple everyday.

While her version of ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ never envisaged an apple crumble, I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever in following her orders, with a little tweaking from my side! 🙂 This fail-safe recipe works not only on apple, but on peaches, berries, and

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