Peach & Pistachio Salad with Mozerella, Buttered Bread and Tomato

 I recently stumbled across this drool worthy blog, and Joy intelligently combines fresh seasonal ingredients to unravel sensational palate pleasers! This one is no different. I’ve tried this a couple of time already, before the monsoons and the peaches roll away, and each time they have been fantastically received. The first time I made it […] Read more…

Vietnamese Ricepaper Rolls

Traditionally Vietnamese Goi Cuon  are made using seafood or pork, but these vegetarian ones are gaining great popularity world over, specially as the summer months approach. These are time-consuming, but worth it, so enlist some help while assembling these little babies. You won’t regret it. Adapted from Easy Vegetarian, makes 12. Ingredients:                    1.            12 […] Read more…

Avocado Yogurt Dip

Everyone calls this the ‘get fat’ season, it starts with diwali celebrations, which seamlessly transforms into major wedding season. (Yes, it’s a ‘season’ by itself. Whether we are guaranteed a ‘winter’ every year is suspect, but wedding season is guaranteed. Always.) Before heading out to the celebrations, here is a good, healthy quick and easy, not to mention satisfying, bite to munch on! And yes, it is also avocado season! Serve with pita chips, or for an even healthier option, fingers of carrots, cucumbers and whatever else your heart desires.

Serves 4-6 people as an appetizer (Adapted from Two Peas and Their Pod)
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It’s been a while. But in this while, a LOT has been accomplished, and a LOT has been witnessed. Most significant and fantastic was the fortnight in Croatia, starting with the quaint and historic Dubrovnik, up to Split, party-packed Hvar and peaceful and artsy Zadar. Although I must admit, the food wasn’t brilliant, and local cuisine was fresh and beautiful, but preparations being highly bland. All in all, with a few gems of eatiers and plentitude of fresh truffle managed to compensate, and thisnational park made the whole trip worth it. (Note to reader: add to bucket list. NOW.)

This salad has become a new favourite. Every weekend for the last 2-3 months, SS has sweetly sidled up to me and asked me to make this for him. Although not technically a salad, the amount of leaves in it may force you to label it one- it’s more of an awesome appetizer, with savoury corn chips, luxuriously rich avocado, tender beans and spicy taco seasoning. This one takes the cake- and it’s here to stay. Did I mention how simple it is? Serves 4 generously.
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