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Oat + Nut Cookies {VG} {GF} {SF} and seriously YUM!

As a mum of a toddler, I like to make stuff that even Baby Doll can eat, along with us, or else I inevitably get guilted into giving her morsels of goodies what we eat and she should technically NOT be indulging it, quite yet at least! To tackle this, I’ve come up simple yet effective meals for her and us, that actually taste great to all palates of all ages. Some examples are: grated carrot salad with an orange juice dressing, tomato basil salad with some extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper, asparagus risotto (without the wine, of course!), grilled paneer with lime and coriander, whole wheat spaghetti pomodoro, guacamole sans the jalepeno – you get the drift! So when it comes to desert, whyever not have a desert that is baby friendly, diet friendly and daddy friendly?  Read more…

Birthday Tikkis

I made these (birthday) tikkis a last week from the Indian Accent cookbook, which now dominates my kitchen counter (not only because it is gorgeous, but its also HUGE!). Not a day has gone when I haven’t opened the book and perused the recipes, salivated at the pictures, and read chef Manish Mehrotra’s stories that prelude each and every recipe. Some of the recipes are complicated, requiring a team of sous chefs to help you – while the others, like our tikkis here, may look difficult to make, but in fact aren’t as cumbersome as I thought – and taste fantastic. A real Indian Accent dish, from my kitchen and my heart to yours, marking the occasion of Joie De Vivre’s 6th year – this really is a treat worthy of the celebration!

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Offbeat Dining at St Jude’s

We dined at St Jude’s Project in a quaint little bandra by-lane, for SS’s birthday. It was a lovely intimate affair, with our nearest and dearest family at the table, sharing in that unfolded to be one of the most unconventional and progressive dining experiences in the city, yet. For some of the elder members […] Read more…

An Apology, Exciting News + #EatingBhutan

Starting a post with apologies seems to be the topic of the year, so instead of making excuses, I’d much rather share with you, what it was that’s occupied my mind and may heart for the last few months, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do! But before that – I have another beautiful part of my life I’d like to share with you – snippets from my happy trip to the country that measure progress via its GNH index – yes, you guessed it, Bhutan!

This himalayan kingdom is a lot more dependent on India than I expected, especially in relation to access to the outside world. Its raw and vast natural beauty combined with a happy bunch of people combined with rooftops full of chilli just made this short break feel like we had ventured into the unknown, exhilarating our lungs and bodies, and to top it all off, we even got to fly past the mighty Everest in all its supreme glory. Having just watched the namesake movie, I kept trying to peer and see if there were any people at the top
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My love affair with Thai food is rampant, and I suspect it will continue to be. SS and I did a quick weekend getaway to the Thai capital with the agenda of eating top notch fare, receiving numerous massages and squeeze in a bit of shopping. I would have loved some time in the sun too, but Bangkok, like Bombay, experiences a lot of cloudy skies and wet afternoons. We stayed right in the centre of the action – well, in a lane just off the action. I am getting old, with the 30th around the corner. Wait. I mean 23rd. More on that later.

Our home for the weekend was ultra-chic newly opened Hansar, boasting a winning combination of Thai service with western etiquette, massive suites (fully equipped with a kitchenette, fridge, freezer and washer/dryer) and scrumptious breakfasts at Eve – including these Banana, Walnut + Green apple pancakes and rich 100% arabica Elefin coffee shade-grown in Chiang Rai. They also house one of the most popular new spas in the city, which I felt extremely guilt-free to test out! While the massages were great, one thing which was out of the ordinary was their welcome butterfly pea tea (blue chai) sweetened with stevia leaves. Yes, please!
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Obsessing Over

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and have finally got around to sharing with you all some of the stuff that’s responsible for stealing my heart {time and again} over the last few months, and this is why:

1. Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi

I have experimented (rather successfully, might I add) with Ottolenghi’s recipes, including the succulent Sweet Potato Cakes and his phenomenal Hummus, both from Plenty. So when Plenty More released late last year, it was an obvious and rather staunch desire to get my paws on the book. And indeed, I did. The aim is to give his Tomato and Pomegranate Salad a go, along with some other yet-to-be-devised options for a lunch soiree this weekend. Maybe as an accompaniment to some quinoa black bean burgers with sour cream tzatziki, yum. But in general, what I truly respect about Ottolenghi, is his approach towards vegetables, and the unique combination in which the recipes are conceived and executed, each so different yet so fantastic.

2. Citrus Sunshine Kettle by Kitchen Aid India

I love the fun bright as well as classic colours that Kitchen Aid regularly doles out. I almost always want to but the same appliance in different colours, you know, to suit my mood for the day, or for some other similar lame reason, because they’re all so dam gorgeous!
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