Truffle Scented Champagne Risotto

Truffle Salt Scented Champagne Risotto

To make up for my shamefully long absence, I tried to make something so distractingly decadent and drool-worthy that my hiatus will hopefully be quickly forgiven! This risotto was conceived as all fantastic recipes – while discussing something completely different! We were sitting at my parents home, and having a chat with my visiting Italian brother-in-law about bhel and sev puri, and somehow reached the conclusion that a champagne risotto with parmesan would be incredible.

That just stuck.

All I did was add some truffle salt and sliced truffles.

One of the many fabulous characteristics of this recipe is that it involves absolutely no fresh ingredients (unless you count one small white onion ‘fresh’). It is just a fabulous way to use up that almost over bottle of champagne (yeah, because that always happens. NOT!). You can always spruce it up with some fresh spears of asparagus, or swap the champagne for merlot and then add some beetroot.
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Som Tam

This book has managed to captivate my palate. It is one of those unassuming basic looking books- none of the fancy hardcover or glossy photographs shebang- plain old words on paper, followed by more words on paper, bound neatly in an almost unattractive red and blue cover with a drawing of a pious Thai lady, […] Read more…

Made from Scratch: Pizza

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Chef’s Basket – Burrito Box!

Finally got around to testing this baby out, which has been patiently been sitting atop my kitchen cabinet for a little over a month. Chef’s Basket is an interesting start up, targeting the more refined palate, without the hassle and painful process of scouring the city (in the monsoon, no less) to get your hands […] Read more…

Baked Conchigliette stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta

The monsoons have finally announced themselves con brio. I always believe that this is the season when Mumbai is the most beautiful, dark and blooding, yet relentlessly continuing with its insatiable gusto and contagious energy. I painstakingly planned this meal nearly a week in advance, ordering the pasta shells, pelati, ricotta and mozzarella online via […] Read more…

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