Truffle Scented Champagne Risotto

Truffle Salt Scented Champagne Risotto

To make up for my shamefully long absence, I tried to make something so distractingly decadent and drool-worthy that my hiatus will hopefully be quickly forgiven! This risotto was conceived as all fantastic recipes – while discussing something completely different! We were sitting at my parents home, and having a chat with my visiting Italian brother-in-law about bhel and sev puri, and somehow reached the conclusion that a champagne risotto with parmesan would be incredible.

That just stuck.

All I did was add some truffle salt and sliced truffles.

One of the many fabulous characteristics of this recipe is that it involves absolutely no fresh ingredients (unless you count one small white onion ‘fresh’). It is just a fabulous way to use up that almost over bottle of champagne (yeah, because that always happens. NOT!). You can always spruce it up with some fresh spears of asparagus, or swap the champagne for merlot and then add some beetroot.
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Cucumber Lemonade

The appetisers are ready, decked out in your finest and most attractive china, wooden cheese boards and slate platters. The mains are lovingly resting in the kitchen – all prepped and perfectly planned, with different elements lined up together, just waiting for that final toss of the salad, the sauté of the pasta and the bubbling of the bake dish. Just before the doorbell rings and the first lot of guests arrive, I realise that yet again, I have ignored the cocktails/mocktails section of the menu and theres absolutely nothing to whet my guests’ appetite with, until they decide they are ready to hit the bar.

After this debacle has ensued more than a few times, I have started making a conscious effort to provide a light and refreshing beverage to be served on arrival, and which can also be spiked into a yummy little cocktail – killing two birds with one stone. This cucumber lemonade is just the trick that I have up my sleeve this time around. It can be made unto a day or two earlier as well, and spiked with some gin or vodka, for a kick.

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Beat the Heat: Rose Scented Iced Tea

Indian Summers. They are a lot less glamorous and mucky than they are made out to be. In fact, I hate it. Oh, what I wouldn’t do (or give) for a one way ticket to anywhere moderately bare able at this (melting) point.

I got these perfectly pink plump rose buds from my bestie, whose venture Kunafa is a sight for sore eyes, especially since the country loves its rich dry fruits – this brand offers you just that, but made in the Middle Eastern way. It will guarantee to leave you licking your fingers.  Read more…

Margarita Cupcakes

It’s been a while since I put up a new cupcake post—and this is because I finally received this book in the mail, packed with recipes for cupcakes that are going to alter cupcake making forever! Baked especially for my bestie’s Mad Hatter themed HIGH tea party, these little pearls of heaven were my contribution […] Read more…

The Secret to Italian Food

If the secret to French cuisine is butter, it is abundantly clear from the food at Botticino that the secret to Italian food is the olive oil. Newly opened Botticino boasts traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist, and comtemporary it was! The décor was warm (the usage of red on the tables) but yet […] Read more…

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