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[Currently Crushing on – 1: Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi; 2: Citrus Sunshine Kettle by Kitchen Aid India; 3: Stacked THALI trays by No-Mad 97% India; 4: Assorted Macaroons by La Folie; 5: DIY Belt Kit by Nappa Dori; 6: Lotus Lake by Good Earth India]

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and have finally got around to sharing with you all some of the stuff that I am Obsessing Over, and that’s responsible for stealing my heart {time and again} over the last few months, and this is why:


1. Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi

I have experimented (rather successfully, might I add) with Ottolenghi’s recipes, including the succulent Sweet Potato Cakes and his phenomenal Hummus, both from Plenty.  So when Plenty More released late last year, it was an obvious and rather staunch desire to get my paws on the book. And indeed, I did. The aim is to give his Tomato and Pomegranate Salad a go, along with some other yet-to-be-devised options for a lunch soiree this weekend. Maybe as an accompaniment to some quinoa black bean burgers with sour cream tzatziki, yum.  But in general, what I truly respect about Ottolenghi, is his approach towards vegetables, and the unique combination in which the recipes are conceived and executed, each so different yet so fantastic. 


2. Citrus Sunshine Kettle by Kitchen Aid India

I love the fun bright as well as classic colours that Kitchen Aid regularly doles out. I almost always want to but the same appliance in different colours, you know, to suit my mood for the day, or for some other similar lame reason, because they’re all so dam gorgeous! Staying true to that theme, although I have a beautiful red one in my kitchen as my fingers type these words, I am entirely certain that my evening coffee would taste exceptionally better with this Sunshine Yellow kettle in my kitchen. Just saying!


3. Stacked THALI trays by No-Mad 97% India

I love trays, in general. And when colourful quirky thali-inspired trays make an appearance, I can’t help but fall head over heels in love. They are available in different colours and sizes, efficiently maximising space in this already over cramped city, and really easy to lift and pass around while entertaining, owing to the cotton cord wrapped handles. {This is all totally besides the fact that I am obsessed with their furnishings and candles.} 


4. Artistic Deserts by La Folie

La Folie is a fresh breath of air in Bombay’s overly commercial patisserie scene. The new kid on the block in the increasingly popular Kala Ghoda area offers its patrons spectacularly intricate and perfectly executed french pastries, cakes, tarts, macrons, along with a select offering of savoury fare. What I really love about this tiny hole in the wall patisserie is the proficient skill of the pastry chefs behind the scene, ensuring that each pastry looks and tastes intriguing and inviting, each layered with an exquisite combination of flavour and texture. This is my go-to place for special occasions, and also when I want to give myself or a loved one a little bit of the treat! 


5. DIY Kit by Nappa Dori

I like activity sets, always have. And this one isn’t a run of the mill variety, targeting the men folk and providing a fun and off-beat activity to spend an afternoon on. People in the city always complain about lack of activities as well as manic perennial traffic. This DIY kit arrives at your doorstep, and at the end of the day, you actually have something tangible that you yourself have created. There is a feeling of achievement, and getting your hands dirty, the basic satisfaction of which is really very hard to compete with! {This is all again totally besides the fact that I am obsessed with their stationary and leather accessories.} 


6. Lotus Lake Porcelin Collection by Good Earth 

I love pastel shades, samarkand-esque prints and generally all things Good Earth. It’s like India’s answer to the happy place I call Anthropologie. I specifically love this range because it exudes warmth, gives a casual comfortable dining vibe, which is what I value the most at home, even if I am entertaining. I always prefer a whimsical chic approach, using a mix of materials and colours, allowing my guests to feel comfortable and welcomed, not intimidated and stiff. This range is something that I would ideally have in my holiday home in Pune, which I adore, not only because of my childhood memories of growing up and spending monsoon weekends there, but also because every time we visit now with groups of friends and family, we create new and valuable memories, each to be cherished as we get more and more consumed by our own divergent lives. When in Pune, while we do also explore the local dining scene, but more often than not, we spend quality time at home, going through copious bottles of wine and freshly barbecued food, on SS’s favourite charcoal heated bbq, and I must admit, its always great watching the men turn to kids as they play with the barbecue and the charcoal, getting it ignited and up and running! 

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