Hate the fact that its a Monday, yet again? Instead of cribbing our way through 1/7th of our lives, here are 10 amazing and easy ways to take back your Mondays, and give yourself a bit of love! 

  1. Since breakfast is the most important meal of your day – start the first meal of the week with a wholesome and healthy breakfast. My favourite involves dousing a few tablespoons of strawberry compote and dried fruit and nuts over low fat yoghurt. Yumm! 
  2. Enrol yourself in something adventurous, that you’ve always been meaning to get around to, but just haven’t been able to! Let go of all the nitty-gritties and just do it!
  3. De-clutter for a cause! Don’t forget, one person’s trash is another man’s treasure. Get rid of that dress thats been on the hanger for well over a year, that piece of jewellery that was a mistake, or that pile of CD thats been collecting dust while occupying prime bedroom real estate. Not only will your home look cleaner – its for a really good cause! 
  4. Treat yourself to one small thing that brings a smile to your lips. It could be sharing a meal with a co-worker, hopping across to Starbucks for a Frappuccino, or going for a high intensity jog in your park. Anything that makes you happy, and doesn’t involve a whole lot of planning and practice.
  5. Make a playlist of your favourite songs, the kind that bring back amazing memories of summer trips in college, weddings that have caused liver damage, or just the kind that strike a cord and lend you comfort. Keep that playlist on your phone and listen to it when the week become tough or dreary, and you will undoubtedly be transported to a happier place and time.
  6. Retail therapy! And yes, buying a dozen cookbooks on amazon does count towards my retail therapy initiative! This is the one that I want next! Oh and this, but it’s gonna take over two years (yes, 2016!) so I’ll just have to find other ones until then! 😛
  7. Make interesting plans for the week – girls night, a movie, popcorn on the couch with a LOTR Marathon! Or better yet, do them all!
  8. Plan a vacation – shortlist destinations within the country and abroad, make lists of things you want to do there, spend time researching the local area and its highlights. Use this information when planning ahead, that way you’ll be organised and save money by booking well in advance. This is where we were over the last long weekend, and boy was it a refreshing break!
  9. Invite some friends over for wine and cheese. Its the least stress free kind of entertaining – just pop open some wine, spread out cheese, crackers and fruit/nuts on a lavish platter, and you’re good to go! Simple sophistication, and the love of cheese. I can think of no better way to make my Monday a happier day!
  10. Keep calm, tomorrow is Tuesday!

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