We attended a wonderful, informative and fun masterclass with the Sushi Chef (yes, its a tongue twister!) Chef Ruben of Fenix. The afternoon that unfolded was probably one of the best lessons I’ve had in my life, with fantastic personal attention and major pampering by all the enthusiastic staff of Fenix.

Masterclass Plan:

One hour masterclass which shows you the correct technique of using a deba bocho, a santoku hocho or nakiri bocho (Japanese kitchen knives) and lets you master the art of cutting fish or vegetables with Sushi Master Ruben. Two vegetarian and two non vegetarian sushi rolls will be taught to the guests. The guests can taste their own creations.

After class menu:

Sushi combo meal
One non alcoholic beverage
Sushi selection (As per guest preference – veg and non veg)
Dessert of the day

Prepared for us were our raw ingredients- sushi rice (sushi rice/california rice with rice veingar, salt and sugar), julienned cucumber, freshly sliced avocado and re-hydrated shitake mushroom. The secret of the mushroom is that Chef re-hydrates them by boiling them in a diluted mixture of soy sauce and sugar.
We started with some urumaki. The cardinal rule to assembling sushi is, when handling rice, always keep your finger tips wet. Method: keep the rough surface of the nori facing you, and spread the sushi rice over the nori evenly, covering very corner. Sprinkle with white/black sesame. Turn over, and put filling of choice in the centre and then roll. When cutting, use a sharp knife and make sure you keep wetting it after every slice made. I even got to make my favourite variation myself- avocado, cucumber, black sesame and cream cheese! Heaven!
Sushi is all about technique. I would rate the entire process as being moderately easy, it is just a matter of getting the hang of things! I cant wait to try it at home. Chef Ruben was extremely good natured and playful, all the while carefully watching and waking us through the entire class, making the daunting sushi process easy and rewarding!
By the end of it, we had 2-3 varieties pr pared by Chef, followed by 2 varieties each prepared by us eager classmates. Of course, all were vegetarian, with combinations ranging from shitake, cucumber with cream cheese, avocado with cucumber, etc. 

A picture with the ever smiling Chef Reuben.

The Masterclass was followed by a fabulous Japanese lunch, comprising of the 7 sushi platters made, and a meal of miso soup, rice, pickled vegetables, vegetable tempura and desert!

Our sushi lunch
Sonal and I stuck to jasmine tea, sushi and the best miso I’ve had in a while! I highly recommend this class to anyone with an inclination to learn sushi, or eat it! We booked it through GourmetItUp and it also features on Gyaan Exchange. So go ahead, learn something new this weekend! And the classes can be booked for as soon as the next day, provided there are 2 people willing to participate! 

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