I am over the moon that BBC Good Food has decided to spread its wings and grace India with its fabulous ideas, content and recipes. So much so that when SS gifted me an annual subscription, little did I know that SS himself would be pulling out recipes and making them himself!! So here is my little concoction, from the December 2011 edition, to delight the senses, without hitting the waistline. Enjoy!
1.       10-12 digestive biscuits (about 85 grams)
2.       200 gm cream cheese
3.       200 ml Greek yoghurt (read feedback below)
4.       Few drops of vanilla bean extract
5.       2 tbs strawberry jam
6.       100 gm strawberry, hulled and thickly sliced (one strawberry =3 or 4 slices)
1.       Pull out 4 of the loveliest shallow/wide clear glasses you have. Short wine glasses (the kind they serve on airplanes) would also work.
2.       Place the biscuits in a Ziploc bag, and break into crumbs with a rolling pin. Divide into the glasses.
3.       Beat together the cream cheese and Greek yoghurt (or hung curd) with the vanilla bean extract, until satin smooth and shiny.
4.       Spoon mixture over the crumbs and chill until ready to serve.
5.       Mix in the jam and the strawberry loosely to cover all the pieces. Divide between the glasses when ready to serve.
1.       Make Greek yoghurt at home by simply placing double the amount of normal yoghurt in a muslin and tie over the sink and leave to separate the whey from the yoghurt. In about an hour you’ll have luscious think Greek yoghurt. The consistency you’re aiming for is thick and rich.
2.       This cheesecake is an extremely light and fuss free version- no baking no waiting no nothing. Make, serve and eat. Nothing sounds better.
3.       I got these gorgeous French floral trays from Ajay Anand’s new collection-Floral Ephemera. I just loved them all!
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