I don’t have the patience for churning my own ice cream (not yet!), so here is my quick fix one step easy peasy yummy berried out ice cream trick! Zero effort, maximum taste. If only it were always this easy! Remove a litre of good quality vanilla ice cream from the freezer and pop into fridge for a few minutes until creamy, not runny. Transfer a third into another container. Make ridges in the ice cream and scoop in a few spoons of four fruit jam (Bonne Maman, I love thee). Repeat with the next 2 layers. Freeze for a few hours, preferably a day, and then scoop, serve with a few chocolate chips/topping of your choice for the crunch factor! Now you have to admit—wasn’t that easy??? Maybe an extra scoop will be the reward!

Another fabulous use of this preserve is for the yoghurt cups!

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